The big Why

Because people are struggling with things they really shouldn't be struggling with.

There is so much noise in the world and despite unprecedented access to resources, we are doing worse than ever. The pandemic has simply laid bare a problem that has existed for a long time.

Gozamm provides a safe space to explore a wide range of topics without judgement.

By launching Gozamm, and by choosing a business model free of advertisement and without unethical use of data, we want to be one of the leaders of a technical revolution and an emotional evolution.

All the content and tools we publish are aimed at making life better for the user. The content is intended to inform, educate, and offer insights. The technical tools in the app are meant to make it easy to address challenges and connect with the people you care about in new ways.

Ultimately we want Gozamm to be a catalyst or a trigger for new conversations, deeper connections, and simply a better life. These outcomes will occur OUTSIDE the app. Gozamm should be the place where you “dip in” to seek answers, inspirations, and sometimes simply to be entertained.

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