Scared Straight – Is Using Fear with Kids Ok?

Scared Straight – Is Using Fear with Kids Ok?

By Gonan Premfors

Would you ever take your 6 year old child to the police station to scare them into having better behavior? Would you tell them that this is where naughty children are sent? No toys. No mommies or daddies. And would you be surprised if you child started screaming in terror and creating a scene?

As horrible as this sounds, two parents of a beautiful 6 year old girl did exactly this. Hoping that the police would “play along” the couple brought their daughter into the local precinct. Instead of playing along, the police arrested the parents for child endangerment. I think, rightly so!

Joy Behar interviewed these parents on CNN recently. As the parents explained their story, we learned that the little girl was having trouble sitting still in school and being quiet. She likes to move around and to be active. The schools told her parents that the daughter would be removed from “normal” classes if she didn’t start behaving better.

I don’t know all the details but it sounds to me like this girl needs is an environment that lets her express her kinesthetic nature. She needs a school that appreciates her different way of learning. Why are we forcing kids into conformity at the age of 6? What are we preparing them for?

The world needs creative thinkers – people who see things differently and aren’t afraid to act on their impulses.

Of course kids need structure and boundaries. They need to learn to be kind and care for others. But making them sit still in their seats so that they can read a book silently might not work for many kids. It sounds like training to work in an office cubicle to me!

We need to reinvent school. Turn school on its head. Turn it upside down so that we can raise children who are equipped to solve the world’s numerous challenges – not just perpetuate the status quo!

Gonan Premfors

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