Oh La La: the French School System Needs Help

Oh La La: the French School System Needs Help

By Johan Premfors

It’s hard for me not to focus on the negative despite being a huge advocate of focusing on the good, and sometimes something bad spurs a positive reaction or an action that makes a difference.

I felt compelled to write about this article is because many of the ten points Peter Gumbel, a Paris-based journalist and author, puts forward as a solution resonate strongly with our Parentology philosophy of putting the child first.

After reading the article I was shocked, but I was also hopeful. At least someone was talking about the problem. I lived in France more than twenty years ago and the horror stories about strict teachers and extreme discipline were commonly discussed among my French friends. It’s hard to believe that a country like France, a leading Western nation, is still stuck in the stone age with an antiquated school system.

According to Gumbel’s article these are some of the horrifying statistics related to school age kids in France:

  • • 71 % of French school children suffer regularly from irritability
  • • 63 % complain about bouts of nervousness
  • • 1 in 4 has tummy aches or headaches once a week, or more frequently
  • • 40 % have difficulty sleeping

Now, I know that there are many excellent schools in France. This blog and Gumbel’s article are focused on a larger systemic issue that needs to be tackled. The article and the topic of this blog are relevant to all countries, whether it’s highlighting the faults or pointing out what works.

Do you agree with Gumbel’s deductions concerning the challenges the French are facing? Do you have kids in French school system? Do you have a different experience?

We would love to hear from you and carry a conversation about what can be done to influence improvements to the school systems around the world. Here is the article.

Johan Premfors

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