A Story About Bullying

A Story About Bullying

By Gonan Premfors

As you can tell from my recent posts about bullying, I’ve been thinking a lot about the topic these days which is why I would like to share an email I just received from a participant in our course:

“Parentology took my relationship with my children to a far deeper level. Not only has it helped me let go of all the silly stuff which has made my life so much easier, its made life as Mummy so much more fun too!

When making space to listen deeply after my return, my daughter told me she was being treated badly by some ‘people’ in her class. She talked about not getting them into trouble, and we explored what this was for her. She is studying ‘Peace’ with the IB program so we talked about this in relation to kindness, respect, and personal responsibility. She decided to tell these people how they were making her feel today, and she fixed it all herself, her smile was as wide as a crocodile tonight! Thanks to you and your daughter for putting Parentology out in the world.”

Thanks for sharing. Your words and experience mean so much to me.

Gonan Premfors

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